Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter run

What a beautiful day! We all had lamb roast dinner (made by yours truly) so, much later, when I felt like going for a run I was well fuelled up and had a lot of energy. It's often a struggle to get out of the door to go running and today, despite the lovely cool Spring breeze and blue skies, was no exception. So instead of putting it off, once I had the idea in mind, I set to and didn't stop getting ready till I stepped out the door.

Mostly rural run passing along the river and Baits Bite Lock.

6.5 miles with a time of 1 hour 5mins. Not so great, could do better.

View Butt Lane run in a larger map


Mathieu said...

I'm running too.

keep it up

Littlefair said...

Hey Mathieu!

Keep running, you too!

I ran this route today and i managed to shave off 4 minutes but I was completely shattered!

Where are your routes? Anything scenic?