Thursday, 17 June 2010

Reasonable force?

Doesn't look like reasonable force to me. Looks like he lost his rag (albeit under some pressure from the women. They seem to be resisting arrest...?).

Wotcha reckon?

Story here:


Anonymous said...

Hi, no- punching in the face is not reasonable force. I find it interesting though - that added to the stress of human beings in physical conflict they are now within metres of less of mobile phones videoing their every action.

How many of us spar in training in these kinds of situations ?

Littlefair said...

Hi Nicola, thanks for stopping by!

He was out of line wasn't he!?

You make a good point that sparring in a dojo is a very different psychological state than a street 'situation', not to mention a whole different environment (different floor conditions, clothes...).


Sue C said...

Hi Chris, I think the punch was out of order (and a bit premature in the situation) but on the whole I think the policeman remained pretty calm considering the crowd and the fact he had no help! He wasn't very good at restraining people though! I also thought he should have tried talking to the girls more, reasoning with them. The girls clearly thought they were being treated unfairly and maybe they wouldn't have been so resistant to arrest if there had been a little more conversation between them?