Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Well, I turn 37 years old this week!
No, I'm not particularly sad, worried or nostalgic...that's just how it is!

But I haven't been as active recently as I would like, through one thing and another, so I'm feeling a bit crotchety....My aches and pains seem to be taking a front seat and I don't want them there! I guess using a laptop a lot of the time and being bent over like a paper clip doesn't help!

So this morning as the water for my green tea was heating up (not boiling!) I stood up straight and breathed in. Ah! That's better. I lengthened my spinal column upwards and felt a little yoga coming on...

So after a brief 15 minutes stretching and groaning with tightened pleasure I felt great. Centred. Once my body is 'reset' it feels like my mind is reset too. A better idea of myself. My awareness set for the day.

It's nice to stretch out at any point in the day: just recentring. Whilst wating for the kettle to boil, standing at the bus stop, riding a bike. Think of the posture and feel your body mechanics. This sort of feedback is essential for a sharp body and I think, a keen mind.

Thinking about my posture helps my body and mind.

Thinking of my birthday and I get....excited!

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