Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Uke nagashi

I worked a lot on this form (Uke nagashi, seitei #3) and picked up some good tips from the teachers.

Firstly start drawing the sword before raising the body up! Seems obvious, but I was failing to do this....

Also I wasn't bringing the sword up vertical enough as I step out with the left leg. One sensei miplied that the whole movement of uke nagashi was to bring the sword above the head into the blocking position as quickly as possible (which makes sense!) and as such bringing the sword in it's saya as vertical as possible helps this. The sayabiki is pulling downwards to release the sword. Don't pull the sword up and out as this locks the arm out and gives no further room for manouevre. Instead keep the elbow relaxed during the block as this helps the turn and subsequent cut.

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Unknown said...

I've learned very recently yo keep the arms relaxed and the knees bent slightly for my head to maintain almost the same level through the parry and cut. I noticed going up and down (up when you fully stretch joints when u parry, and down when the sword leaves his body) wastes part of my energy and time.