Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Nobody likes Tae Kwon Do (or everybody hates being kicked in the head)

Well, the commentator certainly found this kick "impresionante" but what I found interesting was that the guy was falling over and still had the presence of mind (or was it just an intense, drilled, fighting mind) to kick as he went down...

Incredibly shabby handwork! These guys were within hand striking distance but didn't even look like they'd be prepared to swat a passing fly, let alone hit each other with their hands. They didn't seem to block with their arms either. It has to be said though that I have trained with the University Tae Kwon Do squad and those guys are really sharp with their legs: rapid and strong so *if* you can get past their legs and through their leg guard you can be effective, if not you get thumped on the way in.

But you know what, I'm not going to churn out all the old chestnuts about Tae Kwon Do because it seems that many other martial artists look down upon it anyway, so I don't need to.

Surely though, all 'games' (or disciplines if you prefer) have rules? You wouldn't pick the ball up in football would you?

More on Aaron Cook, British Tae Kwon Do Olympic 2012 hopeful, here:


Sue C said...

I don't think too much of this competitive taekwondo either but I suspect the more 'traditional' stuff is a more rounded discipline.

This competitive stuff is pretty dangerous too. A young teenager was killed in competition by a kick to his neck which crushed his carotid artery causing him to rapidly bleed to death! This story is reported in the current edition of Martial News

Anonymous said...

Hi, I occasionally fight in competitions for taekwondo but I have also learnt more traditional taekwondo. I have been kicked in the head - but not knocked out, it may sound dumb but you are really not noticing - from what I remember you are vaguely aware of your head moving forward, but that's about it. However my fights have been fairly light compared to something like Aaron Cook's fights.

After the Olympics where taekwondo was seen as 'boring' because overall the fighters did not really do much actual contact such as kicks & punches - they have now changed the scoring for more points for head kicks etc

On the whole, the competitions have been a little disorganised at times, but in terms of safety etc - very good, the judges are usually good, the points scoring always has controversies at time as with any sporting activity.

Its interesting to hear that other martial artists look down on it - I was not aware of this. I asked my instructors (they have done various martial arts instruction including jujitsu, aikido and others)and they said the techniques learnt are more traditionally to do with physique of the humans living in the countries where they originated from.

Littlefair said...

Hi Nicola, I agree that I've seen very few injuries at tournaments. In fact in the ten years I played hockey I've had more injuries than the 19 years I've studied martial arts!

I think TKD has a lot going for it (as Sue mentioned above, re. traditional) but the Olympic rules favoured head kicks (which are cool) but it's a shame that the fist element dropped out of the scoring repertoire...

Are you TKD? Or other MA?

Anonymous said...

Yes I can guess re hockey. I did about six months on and off ITF traditional taekwondo then moved home and started WTF taekwondo which I've been doing for just over 18 mths I think.

I've done some small bits of tai chi and qigong. We have a few people at my taekwondo club who are learning or have taught aikido so we learn some moves along the way.

If I get the time I would like to learn more traditional kung fu in the future though.

Littlefair said...

Sounds like you've got a plan Nicola.
Happy training!