Friday, 22 May 2009

Hobble, hobble...

Looking at this technique makes me wince. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and I value my knees, or (a bit) wiser and know that you could smash your opponent's keens up really badly if this isn't practiced correctly.

Which got me thinking...why practice it at all? I think I'd have to be really hard-pressed and in a real situation to use a direct kick to my adversary's knee. So I won't practice it. Ah, but if I don't practice it then it won't be in the memory bank of techniques when I really am hard-pressed and need it! So practice it. Well if I practice it will I be pre-disposed to use it, even in error or in haste?

We have to train sensibly and with control across a wide variety of techniques but I just think this one freaks me out a bit. After all, apart from the hapkido explanation, the other two videos show a fairly straightforward front kick, aimed low. Learning anatomy and vital points may well be enough to empower you to disable an opponent without causing extreme injury! (Article on kyusho, vital points).

Found an interesting clip about the anatomy of the knee and its ligaments:


Michele said...

Not easy to watch...coming from someone who has knee problems. :)

However, for self-defense, strikes to the knees would be very effective. If they can't walk...they can't follow you.

Littlefair said...

Ah Michele, I'm glad you spotted this-i did think of you and HS! But I posted it without my accompanying article which pretty much echoes your thoughts. Am in two minds how to approach these really. Teach or not to teach....!?