Monday, 11 May 2009

Stiff back

My lower back was stiff tonight. I pulled up short during the initial kihon and after having taken the warm-up. It suddenly felt like it was going to snap! Sensei DD gave me some extra stretching and emphasised I should take some time out but I wanted to work it a bit. As I said to him, I must be stressed-I don't feel it but something's got me wound up and knotted down there.

I was happy when he called us round for Seiho practice. All for my benefit.

Check out something about Seiho techniques here.
The Edinburgh Shorinji Kempo site has a nice introduction page too.

Seiho and chinkon were aspects that really attracted me to Shorinji Kempo. Also the use of Juho and Goho made me think that, for me, this was really a well-rounded martial art. Up to now I haven't been disappointed! I also appreciate that with Kenshi there doesn't seem to be a lot of ego about. There is some. But nothing like I've encountered elsewhere. On the whole I find martial artists to be friendly but there is a fair proportion who like to knock your style or are so full of themselves it hurts. So you deal with it. But Kenshi have much less of this attitude and prefer to adopt a much more cooperative demeanour which suits me just fine. 

..and it had a direct benefit tonight as it helped my back! 

Despite the healing cooperation of my classmates tonight I still had to take some more medicine, after my shower at home. Fizzy medicine in a dark brown bottle...


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