Thursday, 17 December 2009

Martial arts monkeys attack!

A monkey trainer was attacked by his own students in what can only be described as vicious martial arts monkey mayhem! In order to make money street performer Lo Wung trained up a troupe of small monkeys to perform martial arts tricks in Eastern China.

Something sinister was happening in this imprisoned monkeys' brains though and this day they'd had enough. It all came to a head when one of the little chaps had had enough and leapt at Mr Wung with a flying kick. the other monkeys soon joined in bopping him in the eye and pushing him to the ground.

One spectator to this said, "It was better than a Bruce Lee film-they were leaping and jumping all over the place!"

A chastened and humiliated Mr Wung punished the monkeys by tying their hands behind their backs and forcing them to kneel on the ground.

Mr Wung is now being investigated for animal cruelty.

As you sow, Mr Wung, so shall you reap!

Ref: The Sun plus photos. (where did you think this story came from!?)

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