Thursday, 9 July 2009

Lessons from the air

Leafing through 'Go Flying!' (don't ask) I came upon an interesting article by aerobatic pilot Corinne Dennis who speaks about her nerves in the face of speed, danger and possible death.

She outlines in the article that she would be sick with nerves a week before an event. It wasn't the performance which bothered her but being unsure of her abilities to land the aeroplane! She has mastered her self doubt over the years through mental preparation and visualisation. Dennis flipped those nervous, negative thoughts into positive mental scenarios of "calm, unhurried ... preparations".

"Keep in mind a picture of yourself finishing the job".

From someone who works under intense pressure in an environment where mistakes could cost her her life these are indeed wise words.

Ref. Go Flying! July/August 2009.
Issue 15.

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