Sunday, 27 September 2009

First 10km run...ever!

I completed my first ever 10km (6mile) run and I'm happy to report that I survived, although given my rough start I thought I mightn't've even finished it!

We arrived with plenty of time to register and relax a bit but at the last moment I needed to dash off to the loo and when I re-emerged they'd started! Without me! So I was running hard just to catch up with the stragglers and then the uphill struggle really started. A long slow incline stretched out ahead of me which I dutifully pounded into. As we descended into a farm I thought I might be getting in a good stride only to find another set of sharp-ish hills to get up. It was important for me to concentrate only on the moment I was in: one foot in front of the other. If I'd focused on how hard it was and how much left of the course there was still to run I may have given up. I kept at it and came out over the small heights above Royston and could see the finish line down below.

My final time was nothing to crow about but I did maintain roughly 10 minute miles. The overall route was 6.4miles and I managed a time of 62 minutes: just better than my training times probably due to other runners helping me set a pace.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing - what a fantastic achievement, I've only managed 5k as a race before. What a nightmare having to chase after them all at the beginning too :-)

Littlefair said...

Thanks Nicola!

I was just glad to finish without stopping...

I'll post about tomorrow's 10k soon!

When you signing up for your 10k then?


Anonymous said...

Hi, that's a good question, I will find one for the spring if I can't get there before. I think I've run out of excuses now not to !

Congratulations on your other 10k too - wow that's amazing to be running that distance.