Tuesday 25 September 2007

How to tie a shorinji kempo belt


The touch of other people

Last night at trianing I realised that a wonderful aspect of martial arts training is touch. Touching other humans and being close to them is good! Quite therapeutic really.

Obviously this isn't meant in a sexual way. Life seems so isolated at times- British people especially have a large personal space distance. They are said to be cold and reserved. But being close to someone and working through things with them towards a common goal feels good. Quite different from the feeling you get on the underground. On the tube you can be close to other people but usually cramped and squished up against each other....how stressful!

It's a strange paradox as the touch involved is usually a precursor for martial arts techniques and therefore in some ways is adversorial. However the dojo is a safe, collaborative environment where people can learn and exchange ideas. That's why touch is so important. The feel of another human is important.