Friday, 11 April 2008

Kitchen sink yoga

It's always hard to make time for stuff you want to do isn't it?

I mean, between the kids, work, housework, garden, cooking, relaxing, time with spouse, DIY, blogging....the list could go on! Plus as mentioned in another blog article it's easy to make excuses. The one-eyed god is sat in the corner of the room demanding our attention. Oh and there's a bottle of wine open, so why go training? It's cold outside...!

I there is a way to supplement regular training in everyday movement and tasks. And I don't mean doing kicks whilst waiting for the bus at the bus stop. But you could practice deep breathing at the bus stop! Or discreetly stretch out leg muscles. Visualise those kata while you're waiting for your appointment at the doctors. As you're moving around cutting the lawn ensure correct posture. Bend with your knees, breath fluidly, stretch your muscles.

May sound like common sense, but this can really complement your martial training. When I competed at Tang Soo Do I would often visualise hyungs in bed before going to sleep. Or even just single or combined techniques. This non-active training helps keep you sharp.

It also goes by another name: mindfulness.

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