Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cold, hard dojo floors

Cwor it's cold! Cold by Cambridge standards anyway which I realise isn't particularly 'arctic'-despite what the press in this country might have us believe-but to me it's damn cold. This makes for stiff pre-session groanings when pulling on dogi/dobohk... Dammit the material's not quite dry! Brrrr. So moaning aside, what does this mean for the martial artist? Long, steady and even warm ups! Gradually increasing aerobic to get us going. I admit that I felt like a wooden mannequin at first. I think I'm getting old. I still had enough desire to get to training though and this helped warm me up. A little of my belly-fire gently simmered from within and before I knew it I was practicing kihon almost forgetting the 'nibbling' cold. The soft clicking of my teeth soon abated and thankfully sensei kept us moving. 

Oh yeah, the gas heaters helped too...

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