Thursday, 9 July 2009

Japanese warrior woman

Ok, so technically, Yoko Noge isn't a warrior woman in the sense of a fighting woman but man, what a life! I listened to her amazing life story on this radio documentary:

This Japanese woman moved to Chicago to follow her passion: blues music. Upon arrival she was asked to sing in a club and has been ever since. Initially she and her husband fought poverty but kept their spirit with their music and their relationships which they forged in the poor neighbourhood where they lived. "It's been always poor but you see always toughness in human beings".

She says of that time, "it gives me the feeling back of a time when I really wasn't sure of myself and wasn't sure of anything but this interest to the music". Her slight Japanese accent stuttering only over int-ter-est only endears you more to her.

Indomitable spirit, passion and drive.

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