Monday, 30 November 2009

2nd Kyu Grading Shorinji Kempo

Grading was a little nerve wracking as sensei Jee graded a group of 11 kenshi- this meant extreme scrutiny by him with nowhere to hide. Of course this is the right attitude but when you're nervous that's all you want to do-hide!

I was pretty well genned up on everything so felt comfortable but did some pretty poor ukemi which shook my nerves further!

After the grading we slotted into the main seminar which concentrated on the 'mother technique' that is to say: gyaku gote.


Sue C said...

Congratulations! My 2nd kyu grading is on Saturday, oh...and my level 1 tonfa grading on Sunday (shaking in my shoes about this one):-)

Littlefair said...

Go Sue, go!

(How does the level 1 fit in with the kyu grades?)

Sue C said...

The grading system in our kobudo style is very different to karate -not sure it can be compared. There are 3 levels up to black belt. You take level 1 in 4 weapons then level 2 and 3 in same weapons - this gives you 1st dan in those weapons. Then you choose another 4 weapons and do the 3 levels in those to get 2nd dan. Then you choose 2 more weapons and do the 3 levels to get 3rd dan. Only at 3rd dan are you considered to be a full kobudo blackbelt (i.e a black belt in 10 weapons). It's going to be a long haul!