Friday, 12 March 2010

Kirishima Kazuhiro: sumo wrestler in action

Here is a great video of Kirishima in action. He's the smaller, muscular wrestler.
The information on this Youtube video says that the match was disputed three times till Mitoizumi won in the fourth bout.

Points of interest from this clip:
1. Although Kirishima is somewhat smaller than his opponent he is initially not outplayed and certainly in two of the bouts seems on the point of winning in an aggressive and offensive manner.
2. Don't sit in the front row of a sumo match! (Unless you really want to be squished)
3. Kirishima wrote an interesting autobiography but as far as I can see its only translation is in French... (Picquier Poche)
4. Sumo live and train within different 'Heya' which is translated into English as 'stable'. In the above mentioned book the French choose a more sympathetic term of 'Confrérie' which means brotherhood.

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