Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Actor guilty of offensive weapon charge

So it seems that the Scottish courts have judged that the kubotan that Darren Day ('entertainer') was carrying when found drunk was an offensive weapon.

"the sheriff was told by two martial arts experts from Lothian and Borders Police that the kubotan was designed in the 1970s for use by the Los Angeles Police as a self-defence weapon and in a worst case scenario could be used to kill someone."

So there you have it. I'm guessing thought that the same martial arts experts could have argued that owning a pen or a credit card could also be judged offensive if used in an offensive manner. I guess their argument is that the kubotan was developed as a weapon in the first place.



Ikigai said...

I frequently recommend a sturdy pen as a weapon of everyday self defense over established martial arts implements. There are just too many ways for opposing lawyers to feed into the martial-arts-deadliness play.

Sue C said...

So, am I correct in saying that I shouldn't have walked from my car to my kobudo class carrying 2 bo staffs, 3 bokkens and a pair of tonfa in my arms? I think I need to get a weapon's bag (doh!)....

Littlefair said...

Thanks for your comment Matt!

Sue, you might be right. I'm not sure of the exact legal view but I've always been led to believe that martial arts weapons should be carried in bags. Those with blades, I *believe* should be bagged and in the boot of the car.

Do you have the legal details?

Sue C said...

No I don't have the legal details. Everyone I speak to about it tends to be a bit vague.