Monday, 15 November 2010

Aikido, Judo and Iaido throws

Just a quick look at some 'nage' or throws in Aikido, Judo and interestingly an iai form with a throw (although this is possibly an Aikido waza with swords-anyone?). The obvious similarity which runs throw all of these different techniques is the use of the opponent's momentum: body movement or tai sabaki. In the sword form it's much more subtle as the movement of the opponent's body is his flinch against the strike as the instigator capitalises on this and carries the movement down to the floor.

Irimi nage - Aikido

Tai Oshi - Judo




SenseiMattKlein said...

Really liked the Irimi nagem Marvelous in its simplicity. Will try to practice those moves.

Sue C said...

Hi Chris, I really liked the aikido technique - simple but effective. I can see how I could integrate that into one of my ippon kumite techniques - might give it a try!