Monday, 16 May 2011

Grading Day

Black belt grading came and went (it was the 7th May 2011) and I was lucky enough to meet and take the exam with a very capable kenshi. All went well apart from a few brain jams plus putting locks and wrist restraints on sweaty people on a hot day tends to be….challenging.

Beautiful day with view of the Royal Albert Hall and a post grading chinwag and beer with Toby.


Sue C said...

congratulations! You kept it all very quiet. You clearly just took it all in your stride - I could do with taking a lesson out of your book. Well done :-)

Littlefair said...

Thanks Sue! What's your D minus status?

Sue C said...

I'm a lot more positive now Chris. Airing my concerns about myself has actually had some positive effects - I've had phone calls and e-mails from all the senior grading instructors to reassure me that they think I'll be fine - so I'm a little more relaxed about it now.