Monday, 22 December 2008

The cramique workout

The cramique workout has been thus named in honour of the yummy if calorific raisin brioche found in Belgium! I had to do the workout to burn some of the bloody calories off!

For the cramique workout you will need:

4 slices of cramique
1 dob of butter
1 empty room
1 old t-shirt
1 old pair kung fu pants
- Firstly spread the butter on the cramique
- Eat the cramique
- Feel lardy
- Wait an hour or so.
- Pull on the items of clothing and go to the empty room with a bit of floor space.
- Do x10 burpees, x10 block and punch combos, x10 front kicks (each leg), x10 round kicks (each leg), x10 side kicks (each leg), x10 press ups, x20 sit ups.
- Reduce heat and each subsequent set by 1 repetition, so next set is x9 burpees, x9 front kicks...etc
- Repeat all the way down to 1.

- Salute the sun (real sun not needed) and at each pose hold for 10 seconds.
- Repeat sun salutation holding each for 20 seconds
- Repeat sun salutation holding each for 30 seconds

- Stand breathing in mother pose.
- Have a hot bath!

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