Saturday, 20 December 2008

Tornado kick!

I was mooching around on the net the other day and I saw a reference to a Tornado kick! Wow... TORNADO,..... KICK! Sounds spectacular and as I'd never heard of it before I googled. I think I youtubed actually but it turns out that the TORNADO KICK is in fact a 360 degree jump spinning roundkick. Yes, I agree the term 'Tornado kick' is snappier. As I was youtubing I found this great tutorial from one of our MMA friends-really nice vid and the technique is only slightly different from the one I do:

...and this is the sort of effect it can have on someone: all the body power and inertia from the spin can make for a strong, powerful kick in competition sparrring:

PS to my shame I can't remember the Korean for this....anyone? (Possibly E Dan Dwi Tollyo Cha Gi)


Hack Shaft said...

I would argue that a tornado kick and a 360 jump round kick are two different things.

The tornado kick is really a variation of a Crescent kick.

In a Crescent kick, the back leg is brought up and swings out-to-in, with the target being the opponent's temple or side of their face. The point of contact is the insole or arch of the foot.

Add the turning motion with the supporting leg becoming the kicking leg, and presto--a Tornado kick.

360 round kicks require one to lay back and put a lot of hip rotation into the kick, with the point of contact being the top of the foot.

In a Tornado kick your torso is fairly upright since it's delivered at a high, steep angle, and at fairly close range.

360 round kicks have the torso laid back to deliver the kick horizontally, with a proportionately further range.

I see the first video as a 360 jumping round kick, the second is a truer Tornado kick.

Thanks for the time!

Littlefair said...

Thanks for dropping by and for the technical precision! I think I need more practice (ALWAYS need more practice :-)

I've just checked out your blog too-good luck with the healing process....

Catch you soon!