Friday, 6 February 2009

Do raku

I like to think. It's what distinguishes us from animals (as well as recreational sex...and then again dolphins do that apparently!) and I like to think. That's why I've got the blog on the go. To think and analyse my way through the martial arts and to make it more worthwhile. Maybe I think a bit too much though and as I was flicking through a French kendo book I found this interesting and striking quote:

"L'aspect du kendo, vecu comme une discipline de doit pas faire oublier que, comme l'indique la sentence 'Joue sur la voie' le fait de pratiquer le kendo doit etre vecu comme un jeu intense, joyeux." Decouvrir le Kendo, Cl. Hamout, K. Yoshimura.

[Kendo is a life discipline but it is also, as indicated by "do raku" (enjoyment on your way), to be experienced as intense, joyous play.]

Maybe I think too much and work at it too hard and forget to enjoy it. The martial way is a discipline and for many has to be worked at constantly but it should also be enjoyed intensely.

Enjoy yourself on your way.

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