Monday, 6 April 2009

Martial Arts Festival - capoeira

Fun in the sun with the capoeira team. They always seem smiley and enjoying themselves as they sing, play music, dance and spar. Led by Pedro Albuquerque:


Sue C said...

This looks great to watch but I can't quite get my head around it being a martial art - it looks more like break dancing! Still, looks fun!

Mathieu said...

You know,

it does look like an uneffective martial art. But at the same time, each and everyone of them seems to have fun doing it and walk out of there with a smile on their faces.

That's something.

Dan Prager said...

Oh it can be effective all right, but the results can get mighty ugly - remember this demo? A higher standard (at the outset), but very ugly behavior later on (once things degenerated).