Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Breathing out the bad

I had a bad moment during the day today so during training my mind was a bit mixed-up. I was focusing on the bad moment during training instead of leaving it behind me and outside of the dojang. I tried breathing it out: breathing in cleansing air down into the belly and all the dark thoughts out through my feet. Whether you believe in Chi movement & the power of breath or not, this sort of visualisation helps me 'reset'. It provides a tool for me to get out of the loop of negative brooding. Once I've reset I can (try to) focus on technique only. Or not focus on technique but have a free mind... That's the idea anyway.

Good sparring session with Master Campbell and I learned two things: Master Campbell can stop you dead with a reverse front kick. As I tired my technique combinations became sloppy and I was chasing him down (this sort of hot headedness was the reason I had a bad moment today!) and as I stepped in he stopped me: gasp

the second thing is that I need to work on my fitness levels (and lose some of my spare tyre). After three two minute rounds I'm facing AC. He's tall, strong and experienced and during the first minute I'm toeing the line, scoring points and pushing him (sometimes) onto his back foot. During the second minute I was paggered (tired)! My ability to fend off attacks diminished and needless to say I was clattered round the chops a few times. Your hands tend to drop somewhat when you're tired.

I need more training and less chocolate.

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Sue C said...

I also have moments in the dojo when my mind is on other things. This often happens when sensei is giving instructions on what techniques he wants in a combination. I may look as though I'm listening but my mind is on something else. Then he suddenly says 'ready....' and starts counting. Everyone seems to know what to do and I'm left their standing looking like I don't know what I'm doing!(which obviously I don't as I wasn't listening). I know it's important to try and stay focused in class but hey we're humans not machines so I forgive myself the odd inattention. Maybe I'll try your breathing technique next time.