Saturday, 30 May 2009

Heavy bag workout

Had a good bag session in the sun today.

After warming up with some loose kicks and punches I set to examining a few drills.

Jab, reverse, roundkick
I stepped into the jab with right hand, ducked low (to avoid punch) shifted to the left and rammed home the reverse punch, setting me up for a close range round kick to the middle.

Elbow strike, jump sidekick
Standing close to the bag, side-on (my right thigh was touching the bag) I pounded it with three or four straight elbow strikes high (the right elbow) then stepped out and jump side kicked with the right foot. This really rocked the bag nicely. Surprisingly I didn't really step out with the left foot that much- it was more of turning the foot out, thrusting the right knee up to my chest and then jumping into the kick. Good work.

Kicked the crap out of the winter jasmine on the wall but the chives and laurel seem to have come away unscathed!

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