Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Following a rather frisky sparring session tonight one young lady was a bit shaken from an encounter with her partner, a young fella who has pretty good technique for his age but not so good control. At the end of the session I asked how she was as I saw she was upset. After she'd explained what happened I sympathised with her but she replied, "Well no point blaming other people for your own mistakes. I should've been more aware".

I was quite humbled. As I said to her, if only I'd had that sort of attitude when I was younger!

I am celebrating a good session and hard sparring with a Hoegaarden Blanche. Ah!


Ikigai said...

A great attitude! I know I've reacted much more poorly than that in the past to getting beat on a bit.

Littlefair said...

Hear, hear!

Sue C said...

I think I could learn something from your young student too.