Monday, 27 July 2009

Iced coffees 'a meal in a drink'

"Some iced coffees being sold on the high street contain as many calories as a hot dinner, a cancer charity warns."

Another nutrition/dietary article from the BBC website.

(and just in case you were sitting there feeling smug while tucking into some 'healthy' dark chocolate...think again:


Michele said...

This post makes me glad that I don't drink coffee!

As for chocolate...that is another story. :)

Meg said...

I really enjoy my coffee, but I don't drink it iced, so I'm safe!

Sue C said...

Those iced coffees look disgusting! My favourite coffee is an Americano with just a little bit of cold milk. Fortunately I can't stand milky, frothy coffees. As for the chocolate though.... how disappointing they take the healthy bit out! My favourite chocolate is Lindt 70% cocoa solids (just one square a night with my coffee). I wonder if Lindt keep the flavenols in?