Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Green Tea is Good for You!

(but we knew that didn't we.)

Green tea 'may block lung cancer'

Drinking green tea may offer some protection against lung cancer, say experts who studied the disease at a medical university in Taiwan.


Sue C said...

I lurrvve green tea - infact I'm drinking it right now! I also like peppermint tea (good for the digestion!) :-)

Ikigai said...

Green tea is my most preferred beverage! I love the Arizona brand.

Indomitable Spirit said...

I'm still trying to wean myself off my beloved Earl Grey .... Like Sue, I do love peppermint tea for an upset tum though.



Littlefair said...

Well, what can I say?
Join the tea lovers club!

I find fennel infusion good for the tum.

Hey Mat, will check out Arizona brand! But to be honest there's a man on Cambridge market who has a loose tea and coffee stall....

Current favourite: nettle infusion, good strong Assam or Yorkshire tea.

Sue C said...

Assam tea - delicious! Nettle tea? Sounds as bad as cat pee, sorry -camomile tea! I had nettle soup once which was disgusting so I'm probably put off all things nettle :-)