Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sword Play

Two contrasting styles of fencing (with different weapons).

First the two handed sword, showing techniques from Lichtenauer's style.

Interestingly these fellas are going at it full tilt with swords but their tai sabaki is excellent. Note how they attack with their *bodies*, always pushing into the centreline of their opponent. When attacking they force forward and finish with feet pointing towards their partner's centre (not always). Solid parries and attacks with the body is essential-they're not relying on their weapon even though it looks formidable. More is needed and in this case you can see how everything comes into play: body, feet, sword and (probably) breath.

Check out the intriguing ways the Fabris fighters turn around a linear attack. They curve and circle in an almost grotesque way. Equally other times the parry is very small: just enough to knock the opponent off the line of attack. At about 1m 50s you see the active agent take the initiative to attack and also protect himself from the line of attack by turning his blade up, deflecting any forward momentum. Mind you, a couple of times it looks like the passive agent was so passive he was asleep!

Great hip movement and rotation for extra reach.

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