Monday, 12 July 2010

Last night a groin guard saved my life!

I took a good solid kick in the lower abdomen tonight so I'm glad that I consider the box or groin guard as an essential part of my kit. Don't enter a dojo without one.

Having said that I suppose some arts which are based less on striking or kicking might just recommend using an elastic support without the hard plastic cup as this might nip a little.

Shorinji kempo is both hard and soft style so hitting and kicking is pre-requisite so I really need the cup.

I've always worn knee pads too (volley ball ones are more than adequate) and lately have taken to wearing small ones for my elbows too).

I prefer the comfort to the body 'conditioning' approach...

Am I getting old?


KataCat said...

Do you take a fish oil or glucosamine supplements - every day?

Do you support your lower back when circling your hips in warm-up?

Do you carry a reassuringly wide range of supports, pain relief gels and other liniments in your kit bag?

During class, do you sport almost all, if not all, the aforementioned supports and gels... ? : )

Littlefair said...

Oh my aching bones!

Thar's a storm a-brewin'....

Sue C said...

Just kidding!

Sue C said...


Littlefair said...

Ha, ha, ha.

I'm laughing.