Monday, 2 May 2011

Final revision

Well, as the saying goes, if I don't know it now I never will. With only five more days til grading and one more official training session I can only revise my 83 techniques, 9 katas, 6 philosophy subjects as well as general ukemi, different stances and of course the whole thing wrapped up in a language I don't know. Thankfully there are plenty of resources out there to help the errant kenshi, such as Kenseikai's Shorinji Kempo site.

There's no point me cramming now and I've planned my schedule fairly well. I've aimed to peak this week and I have been polishing up some points this evening and aim to ask some final questions tomorrow at training. Then a light revision and training session on Thursday night and a day off on Friday. Saturday's the grading day so I'll take my mandatory kit bag with me:

- 1x dogi
- 1 box (I refuse to call it a 'groin protector!)
- 1x micro fibre towel and shower gel
- 1x flask of green tea
- 1x sandwich and a banana
- spare contact lenses
- body protector ('do')

Oh flipping heck I forgot I'll have to lug that around on the tube. The things we do...


Charles Hobby said...

Best of good fortune to you! One of your seniors would have put a quiet word in your ear if you were not completely ready for this rank test in every meaningful way. So, relax and enjoy it, even the scary and painful parts. :-)

Littlefair said...

Hey thanks Charleyhorse!

I'll enjoy the pain.....probably :-)
I'll let you know how *this* older martial artist fared!


Phil M-Y said...


Littlefair said...

ありがとう Phil!

Michele said...

Good luck!

Littlefair said...

Thanks Michele!
Early to bed for me now...