Monday, 27 April 2009

I love burpees

Yup. I love 'em. And Phil (thanks PMY) knows it which is why he sent me this link:-

This is a fun site documenting some people's obsession/commitment to doing one burpee on day one, two burpees on day two and so on till achieving one hundred!

I enjoy doing a slow burpee with a press up half way through and instead of leaping into the air I bring my hands above my head and do some dynamic tension low blocks on the way down. If I do venture into the jumping style I can't do more than 15 correctly.

Maybe it's time for a 100 day burpee challenge...anyone?


Sue C said...

I've clearly been doing these wrong! I didn't realise you had to put the press up in the middle. I've just been doing it by jumping the legs back into the plank position but then jumping straight back to the squat before jumping up high. What a cheat hey! I'll try it properly next time.

Michele said... jumping for me. My knee could only handle a few burpees with the jump.

Crispin Semmens said...

That ring stuff at the end is a bit crazy! That's a really nice example of a technique illustration video. If only we had some of those for kempo... or do we? If you haven't started your 100 day burpee challenge by June 1st, then I'll join in around then :)

Littlefair said...

You're on Crispin!

Let's do it!

Crispin Semmens said...

ok! :)