Friday, 19 June 2009

Lose weight by bulking out meals with lower energy foods

This article advocates eating more food with high water content (such as fruit and vegetables) in order to make us feel full for longer and avoid snacking. This may not be good advice for a long distance runner, but I'm a terrible snacker so it seems fairly sensible to me. It's also good advice to eat more fruit and veg.

"It may not be a licence for a liquid lunch exactly, but consuming foods high in water could be the key to losing weight, nutritionists say."


Sue C said...

High protein foods are supposed to have the same effect (hence the success of the Atkins diet). Protein suppresses appetite because it delays gastric emptying - making you feel fuller for longer. Any excuse for a full English hey!

It goes without saying that the high fat content of the Atkins diet is bad for you - so I'm not recommending it!

Michele said...

Interesting. The photo comparisons really make a point.

After seeing the photo of the strawberries and yogurt, I am hungry for lunch. :)

Littlefair said...

Hi Sue,

Yup, I'm a bit wary of Atkins too. I'm aiming for a more balanced intake of food groups. Having said that..I am a bloke so just meat for meals wouldn't be so bad....(I wonder if pasties would be ok on the Atkins?!)

You mentioned a full English?

Michele...bon appetit!